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Reviews of Our Spa

Harry Truman

“Our whole family enjoyed the spa experience here. The staff were excellent with both my spouse

Susie Perkins

“I absolutely loved it here. I’m in Dubai often so I’ll make sure to visit again, they’ve earned themselves a repeat customer!”

Edna Marxten

“The best all round experience, from the loveable staff to the luxury treatment, there’s nothing to hate!”

Dougie Jones

“I just want to thank the girls here! I enjoyed every moment in your care and I appreciate all your advice.”

Ayatolah Green

“The staff here always gets the job done. They’ll work you from start to finish to get that knot out of your back, or whatever the case may be.”

Dora Joneston

“The best spa in all of Dubai. I’ve been to many spas in the area and La Bella Spa is by far the best choice. They’re here to help for sure!”

“A great family owned spa, they’re excellent at catering to family-oriented crowds. Come here and you’ll love it too.”

Chuck Lorry


Melanie Rickson

“I came in for a deep tissue massage and I loved it. They got all the right spots and made me feel at home the entire time.”

Mathew Blanch

“I had multiple massages and treatments, they all delivered as promised and I got exactly what I came for. Feel free to talk to your masseurs!”

Regina Machbeth

“I left already wanting to go back, I loved it so much! I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence!”

Rayan Brown

“I came in tired and sore, but I left feeling excellent. All my muscles got the treatment I needed.”

Natalie Hurst

“The atmosphere was perfect for Dubai. It was quiet and away from all those crowds, but I still got an excellent experience. Left calm and relaxed.”

Marley Stones

“I was very impressed with the staff and their experience, but their top of the line equipment really blew me away and made it all worth it.”

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