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Give yourself the ultimate home spa experience with a popular therapy for pain management and sensory healing. Pressure is put on exact spots on your body to elicit a sensory response that acts to reduce your negative sensory feedback. It is thought to relieve stress, pain, exhaustion, and other ailments.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is our most intense selection. The skilled professional assigned to your will work your muscles and provide a deep massage. This is meant to soothe lasting aches and relieve stress.

Sport Massage

This massage is perfect for athletes who have particular regions of their body their stress from time to time. In stead of a general massage, the masseur will work on these parts. This will improve performance, experience, and overall health.

Swedish Massage

This massage treats the superficial muscles of your body. The goal of this massage is to be thorough enough to soothe your aching muscles, but gentle enough to allow your mind to relax and wonder.

Oil Massage

Essential and selected oils are massaged into your body. Your muscles absorb their healing properties while your mind and sense of smell indulges in the aromas. This relaxes your mind and body.

Four Hands Massage

Two sets of hands are better than one! This massage uses two separate masseurs who will work simultaneously on your body to give you instant relief and care. This is an intense massage with great results.

Thai Massage

A Thai massage incorporates your entire body. Your professional will not only massage your muscles, but will guide you through stretches and positions to treat your whole body.

Foot Massage

Some massages, even full-bodied ones, occasionally leave out your feet. However, they are one of your most important appendages and often deserve a thorough massage on their own, like now.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are placed on particular parts of your muscle groups. The heat from the stones are absorbed by your muscles and provides a healing, relaxing sensation radiating through your entire body.

Moroccan Bath and Massage

Moroccan baths are designed to help you soothe your mind and your body. The open air atmosphere helps relax your mind while the baths and massages reenergizes your body.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology is an independent study that has its own unique sets of rules, objectives, and knowledge. It shouldn’t be confused with laymen terms, because it is a legitimate and academically driven study. Massage therapists, qualified masseurs, and other skilled professionals usually operate by interreacting with your muscles directly. Reflexology works by putting pressure on known pressure points and nerve bundles to manipulate your sensations. This could improve your experience with muscles exhaustion, pain, and other sensory issues. Many people with diagnosed medical conditions use reflexology, but athletes and other people also find a benefit in it for pain management.

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